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Here is what you should do:

  1. Download the sheet music for your part and the prerecorded audio track  here
  2. Use headphones when listening to the prerecorded track so that this cannot be heard on your video. Use another device to film yourself; a smartphone will work well. The tuning is 440 HZ
  3. Record in landscape mode; frame rate 30 frames per second (fps), make sure the video recording option is set to a good resolution (ideally FullHD).
  4. At the very beginning of the prerecorded piece, identify yourself by showing your name, orchestra, and country on a white sheet of paper, and hold it in front of the camera.
  5. After that, you will hear 4 beats to count you in, and then 4 beats to clap your hands to. We need this for our synchronizing all the videos later.
  6. After a short pause, the actual count-in will start, you will hear the prerecorded track, and you can add your part to it. 
  7. Do not film AGAINST the light!
  8. Please place the camera at eye level.
  9. Please leave some time at the end of the recording and look friendly into the camera.
  10. If the score contains more than one parts for your instrument, you can decide whether you want to record one or more parts. But please indicate on your initial identification sheet which part(s) you play.
  11. Afterwards upload your recording with the upload button below. 
  12. If for some reason the video upload on this page is difficult for you, please send us your video via WeTransfer to:

Your Contribution for the Project

Please send your contribution as soon as possible, better today than tomorrow! Many Thanks

Please note the following before uploading your video:
You cannot enforce the claim to have your video published.
We reserve the right to mark your name, nationality and, if applicable, your ensemble affiliation in the video: The global diversity among the contributors should – in the spirit of the project’s message – be recognizable at first glance for the viewers, in the final video!

Please make sure to submit your video file as well !
If the upload bar has reached 100%, your video has NOT yet been submitted!
Finally also press the button “Upload data & video” to transmit your work! Thank you!