Ukraine is Europe

Power, Hope and Victory

115 musicians, 2 operachoirs, 2 full orchestras perfom the Ukrainan Anthem and the European Anthem to help reconstruct Ukraine!

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Musical video project for Ukraine.

European musicians unite with their Ukrainian colleagues and jointly produce an impressive video with an appeal for donations at the end

For more than a year, Ukraine has been under attack from Russia.  To demonstrate their European solidarity and alleviate the great need of Ukrainians, orchestral musicians from all over Europe have joined forces with their Ukrainian colleagues.  They are producing an impressive video with a call for donations that will be shared virally on social media.  Generators and other relief supplies are to be provided for the Ukrainian population. The THW Foundation will assist with logistics and transport. Help us – donate too and share the project and the video!



Musicians and Choirsingers from the following orchestras have participated

  • Beethoven Orchestra, Bonn
  • The choir of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
  • The choir of the Opera Theatre Bonn 
  • WDR Symphony Orchestra, Cologne
  • The National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
  • New Philharmonic Orchestra Westphalia
  • Dresden Symphony Orchestra
  • Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
  • Luhansk Symphony Orchestra (temporarily based in Lwiw)
  • Kyijv Chamber Orchestra
  • Kyjiv Symphony Orchestra
  • Ukrainian National Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • SWR Symphony Orchestra
  • Cologne Conservatory
  • Detmold College of Music
  • German Brass
  • German Pops Orchestra
  • BBC Symphony Orchestra
  • SWR Big Band
  • NDR Big Band
  • WDR Bigband
  • Bigband of the German
  • Armed Forces
    German Military Music
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Project Initiator
Representative of Ukraine Musicians
Vyacheslav Chernuho-Volich
Principal conductor Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre
Igor Chernetski
Conductor of Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Honored Artist of Ukraine.
Hobart Earle
Principal Conductor of Odessa Philharmonic Inventor of Odessa Fishmarket Flashmob, Honored Artist of Ukraine
Luigi Gaggero
General Music Director and Artistic Director of the Kyjiv Symphony Orchestra, the Ukho Ensemble Kyiv and Professor at the Académie supérieure de musique in Strasbourg
Oksana Lyniv
Conductor, National Ukrainian Youth Orchestra, Bayreuth Festival and more
Oleksandra Zaitseva
Orchestra manager of Kyiv Symphony Orchestra
Volodymyr Sirenko
Principal Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine
Chris Walden
7-time Grammy® nominee, German composer/arranger/conductor, works in Hollywood
Prof. Bernd Ruf
Music Director GermanPops Orchestra, Conductor / Clarinetist / University lecturer (Musikhochschule Lübeck)
General Music Director of the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn and the Bonn Opera House
Prof. Maria Kliegel
Professor of Cello at the "Hochschule für Musik" Cologne, Germany
Werner Schmitt
Yehudi Menuhin-Formum, Switzerland
Peter Fisher
British violinist, soloist, chamber musician and orchestra director
Prof. Norbert Stertz
University lecturer / Professor for horn at the "Hochschule für Musik Detmold"
Christian Stach
Orchestra executive committee WDR
Jürgen Schild
Trumpet Player, WDR symphonic orchestra
Fred Deitz
Trombonist WDR Symphony, Cologne
Klenke Quartett
Annegret Klenke (1st violin), Beate Hartmann (2nd violin), Yvonne Uhlemann (viola) and Ruth Kaltenhäuser (cello)
Prof. Matthias Höfs
Professor for trumpet at the "Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg" / member of GERMAN BRASS
Ernst Hutter
German Trombone Player/ Composer / Arranger
Dmytro Tabanets
Orchestra manager and pianist of Kyiv Chamber Orchestra