Weplay4Ukraine is created

Right after the russian attacks on Ukraine on 24th February 2022, the Bonn-based musician Christoph Müller told his friend Christian Schnarr about the urgent necessity to organize this project. With the help and common effort of their network of Christian artists in Germany, they created the website: www.weplay4ukraine. Initially, there was still the belief to finish this project in a very short time, and that the cruel war would be stopped very quickly. However, eventually, it took and takes much longer time than expected to end the war. The project itself has been also growing and developing. We don’t know when to close and start cutting the film.

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Hilfslieferungen finanziert

Inzwischen sind die 9800 Euro Spendenaufkommen für Hilfslieferungen in Ukraine ausgegeben worden. Die Hilfsorganisation Rheinbach-hilft hat mit ihrem fünften Transport-Konvoi direkt Güter ins Kriegsgebiet für

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