Odessa Philharmonic scheduled recording the Ukrainian Anthem for WP4U – but it was surprisingly cancelled due to Russian attacks

Today on Monday 10.10 it was scheduled to make a special recording of the Ukrainian Anthem for our international video project. But when I arrived at the philharmonic I just saw some disappointed musicians standing around. The recording had been cancelled. All night long missile alarms sounded. Right in that moment I heard a loud thunder-sound in the sky. „This has been a maybe a drone shot down by our military“ – I was told by one of the musicians. „Here in Odessa, we are pretty safe, thanks to our military“ – Today its cancelled, but maybe the recording would take place tomorrow – or not. Nobody knows.

Igor Chernetsky, the conductor of Odessa Opera who was due to conduct this recording, showed me his missile-warning app. All red!! This had not happened since the very first attacks on 24th of February 2022. The Russians had launched the most horrible attacks all over the country. And I was right in Odessa – kind of a strange feeling. From many people I was told: „its like 24th of February – with one difference: We are not afraid anymore!“

Celloplayer Artem plays baroque-music – that gives him peace in the middle of the danger. He feels a direct connection to God through Bachs music – and other baroque.

Ukraine as a whole had been attacked since Monday – revenge for the attack on Kertsch-Bridge. Ukrainians dare to defend themselves.