Odesa Opera performs Ukrainian Anthem in front of their Opera building

This video has been produced by the Odesa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet in February 2022, right after the first evil attacks of the russian invaders. In this video, the musicians and the choir of Odesa are standing in front of their beautiful Opera building and showing the world where they belong to. To Ukraine. Odesa does NOT belong to Russia. Never. It is Ukraine. And it will stay a Ukrainian city. Forever.

This video went around the internet at the very beginning of the war when the world was in shock.


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Hilfslieferungen finanziert

Inzwischen sind die 9800 Euro Spendenaufkommen für Hilfslieferungen in Ukraine ausgegeben worden. Die Hilfsorganisation Rheinbach-hilft hat mit ihrem fünften Transport-Konvoi direkt Güter ins Kriegsgebiet für

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