Meeting with the director of the Organ Hall in Lviv

Right after the Media center, I had the pleasure to meet with Taras Demko, the director of the Lviv Organ hall, and his colleague Ivan, who conducts the Luhansk Philharmonic Orchestra. The people from this Orchestra left their homes and moved to their friends in Lviv after the initial reports about the start of the full-scale war against Ukraine on the 15th of February 2022.  Musicians found in Lviv their new home until the victory of Ukraine in this war.

Taras also told me about another very interesting project, which is called „Ukrainianlive“. The Ukrainians decided to share for free the scores and parts of ALL their many, many brilliant composers – so that the world would know about them. All Orchestras in the world can download them to study the works of Ukrainian composers and perform them so that the Ukrainian culture will be known to the world.

Check out the website and download the app for your mobile phone to listen to Ukrainian music.

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