Meeting with the director of the Organhall Lwiw

Right after the Mediacenter I had the pleasure to meet with Taras Demko, the director of the Lwiw Organhall – and his colleague Ivan, who conducts the Luhansk Philharmonic Orchestra. This Orchestra has already predicted the war on 15th of febuary 2022 – and most of them left their homes to come to their friends in Lwiw, where they found a new home until the war is over and the victory over the Russians is there. Taras told me also about an other very interesting project, Ukrainianlive-project. The Ukrainians decided to share for free the scores and parts of ALL their many, many brilliant composers – the world should know. All Orchestras in the world can download on this website what they are interested in, study the works of the ukrainian composers and perform them. Just that the ukrainian culture will be known to the world . See here on the website and download the app for your mobile phone to listen also to many of the scores.