Meeting with the conductor of Lviv Opera Ivan Cherednichenko

Maestro Ivan Cherednichenko the conductor of the Lviv-Opera as well as the director of international relationships Mr. Ostap Hromish met with me today in their Lviv Operahouse. I am very glad to have their support. They will ask their musicians to contribute to WP4U. This meeting was kind of „disturbed“ by an air raid alarm in Lviv. Everyone was asked to go into the shelter. And indeed, down in the basement of the opera gathered all the people who work there. Dancers, musicians, administrative staff – lots of people. Later this gave me another opportunity to talk to a colleague from the marketing department of the Opera.

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Das Video ist fertig!!!!

Heute hat unser Video-Editor Fred Deitz das fertige Video geschickt!! Was für ein Gefühl! – Nach 11 Monaten Arbeit – zahllosen Stunden am Computer, am

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