Editor Yuri Reznichenko joins the team

Ukrainian film editor and specialist for music videos Yuri Reznichenko has now joined our team! Yuri has more than 20 years of experience and is considered to be among the best in his profession in Ukraine.

„Weplay4Ukraine“ will soon be completed. It is scheduled to premiere at the end of January 2023

We are now in the winter. Russian dictator and warlord Putin has decided to destroy the whole of Ukraine to kill and make the people suffer and freeze even more. We cannot allow that!! After the phase of collecting individual video contributions in Europe and Ukraine, the final result is gaining shape. It will be all about light – warmth – electricity – generators – victory – hope. The performance of the two anthems stands for the solidarity and unity of Ukraine and Europe. At the end of the video, we will call for donations to deliver power generators and other humanitarian aid to support the brave and suffering Ukrainian people. May God bless the Ukrainian People, the defenders, and this project so that millions of Euros will be collected and quickly transformed into HELP for Ukraine.

Project-initiator Christoph Müller on ZOOM with editor Yuri Reznichenko

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