Contribution from Odessa Bassplayer Valerii Tarasenko – at present in the ukrainian Army

Recently I recieved a very impressive contribution from Odessa-bassplayer Valerii Tarasenko. At first he sent his video-contribution to me, dressed with a dark blue cotton shirt. He wrote his text even in German.

Valerii Terasenko, member of the Odessa Opera-Orchestra

So I asked him, if he was in Germany now, as a refugee „No, no…“ he replied. I am in Ukraine. I am a soldier in the army now. „Wow“ … many thoughts went trough my head in this moment. I thought, what a shame that such a good musician and honest man has to fight in the army against the Russian aggressors to defend his very own land. Its war. This could happen to all of us!! And even worse: he maybe risks to never come back. And I silently said a prayer, that Valerii and all his comrades will be protected by God and he will never be injured – that he would come back safely and soon, when the victory of Ukraine is there. And in the next moment I asked him to send again his video, but his time in his military uniform. He did so immediately. Thank you so much, dear Valerii. I was very touched, still am – and still continue praying that him and his fellows will happen no harm and damage – and that the Russian aggressors will be removed from theUkrainian land as fast as possible.