Meeting maestro Volodymyr Sirenko, conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine

During their german Tour in October we could meet Volodymyr Sirenko, the conductor of the phantastic National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine after their concert in the Cologne Philharmony. Maestro Sirenko will also support our project Weplay4ukraine – and we hope that some of their great musicians will also find time to make a videoclip-contribution for our video-project.

With maestro Volodymyr Sirenko in the wardrobe of cologne Philharmonie after their wonderful concert. The maestro promised to advertise our video-project among his musicians.

This is a part of the encore of a phantastic concert of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine – playing an arrangement of the carpathian Rhapsody by ukrainian composer Lewko Kolodub.

Two days later we had again the chance to meet the orchesetra once again in Wiesbaden.

Christoph Müller talking to the orchestra, next to the orchestra manager Oleksandr Hornostai.

Contribution by fluteplayer Nadiia Duldier from the Odesa Philharmonic

Nadiia uploaded her beautifully performed flutepart, dressed in the ukrainian folklore costume wyshewanka.

Nadiias Contribution is the first one from ukrainian musicians after my journey to Ukraine. Thank you very much! Now we hope to get many more contributions from Ukraine.

(On this soundtrack here we mixed the prerecorded playalong-track underneath for listening purpose. In truth there is only Nadiias flute to be heard – so that we can build the virtual orchestra in the end)

Cherson conductor Juri Kerpatenko murdered

Mord an Dirigent Kerpatenko„Russland zielt auch auf kulturelle Infrastruktur“

Nach der Ermordung des ukrainischen Dirigenten Juri Kerpatenko durch russische Soldaten zeigt sich: Russland geht es auch darum, die Ukraine als Staat, als Kulturnation und auch das Ukrainische als Sprache auszulöschen.

Adler, Sabine | 17. Oktober 2022, 17:35 Uhr

Cherson conductor Juri Kerpatenko had been murdered on october by russian occupants because he refused collaboration

Maestro Juri Kerpatenko (RIP)

Back home via Berlin

Back to Lwiw and leaving Ukraine

Serhij Jakobtschuk, a great choir-director and new friend also arrived quickly in the Café to meet with me and have some good talks, before I would leave the country. Right that moment, the electricity shut down, due to airstrikes of the Russians. In the moment, you are no where safe in Ukraine. Incredible – that all these great and peaceful people have to suffer under senceless and cruel attacks of stupid russian dictators – all the time – all the centuries – all over history. But the Russians will never win over the strong and free Ukrainian people.

Leaving Ukraine. Back to Lwiw instead of Kyjiv

This was not an easy decision to take. Should I continue my trip and go to Kyjiv, where I planned to meet the Kyiv-Chamber-orchestra. But everybody warned me to go to Kyjiv -better leave the country. Attacks like these had not taken place since the 24th of febuary. So cancelled my hotel and booked the Nighttrain back to Lwiw.